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Mobile Catering Food Hygiene Certificate

There is a legal requirement for mobile caterers to hold valid and up to date food hygiene certification and it is your responsibility as a mobile catering business owner to make sure that all people who handle, or serve food for your business are trained.

The question asked on may occasions is “what food hygiene certification do I need for mobile catering”? As a mobile caterer you store and prepare food for your customers, then the ideal course would be the level 2 food hygiene certificate. This can either be completed in a classroom environment, which can be very time consuming for your business, or completed online, using our interactive video based training programme.

Click here to register and start your online cpd certified level 2 food hygiene training courseBy completing food hygiene training online using our online learning platform your course can be completed at a time that is convenient to you, over a few days, throughout the evenings if needed.

Our course is cpd certified and once you have completed the simple registration process you will be able to download all course materials associated with the course, so that you can follow the course structure as you progress.

You can pause and rewind each video to gain a better understanding of the course content and on completion of the training you will also be able to print your food hygiene certification.

To register and start training please click the “Start Now Picture” above, which will take you directly to the simple registration page. Additional information regarding course content can be found on our Level 2 Food Hygiene page.